10 Creative Interview Questions to Ask to Weed Out Bad Candidates

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Interviews are an excellent way to get to know your candidates, but it’s not always a piece of cake to distinguish between candidates that will do well at your company and those that will exceed your expectations. Sometimes it’s even challenging to identify the candidates that just won’t be a good fit.

Every company has made a hire that for one reason or another just didn’t work out. Some individuals seem perfect on paper but once they’re hired, their performance slips, their attitude changes, or they’re just down right toxic to your company’s work environment. 

These kinds of employees affect your overall business performance and your bottom line. A Harvard Business School study found that hiring a toxic employee costs your company twice as much as hiring top talent.

While it may seem difficult to separate ideal candidates from those that know how to interview well, we’ve put together a list of ten creative questions to ask in an interview in order to weed out individuals that aren’t right for your company. 

Creative Questions to Ask in an Interview 1. What excites you about working for our company? 

Why this question matters: This will give you an idea of how

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