1H 2021 Announcement: New SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Data Replication Monitor UI

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With 1H 2021 release of SAP SuccessFactors application, new version of Employee Central Data Replication Monitor (former Data Replication Monitor 2.0) UI has been introduced in production mode with improved performance and a new interface. Several new features have been added too. 

With 1H 2021 SAP SuccessFactors release, we have reached feature parity to the legacy Data Replication Monitor (deprecated with 1H 2021) and therefore the new Data Replication Monitor (2.0) will be the default UI. 

Key Dates for Replacement 

  • With 1H 2021 release, legacy Data Replication Monitor UI would be called Data Replication Monitor (Deprecated) UI and Data Replication Monitor 2.0 would be called as Data Replication Monitor. 
  • With 2H 2021we will decommission legacy Data Replication Monitor UI completely and only new Data Replication Monitor UI would be available with all types of integration content. 

    The New UI Version will use the same Provisioning switch as the legacy Data Replication Monitor and no change is required

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