2024 Talent Acquisition Trends: What’s New and What’s Next [Report]

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Every year I look forward to our team’s survey and analysis of the talent acquisition market, because it’s a space that moves quickly and has a tremendous amount of innovation both in the technologies as well as the practices that employers use to create successful outcomes. This year’s report is no exception, highlighting what is changing, what’s new, and what talent teams are doing to prepare for what’s next. Here’s a snippet from the 60-page report as a preview…

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Hiring today seems to be as hard as its ever been.

In spite of new technologies, insights, data, and more, employers today are still challenged to hire in a repeatable, predictable manner. In some cases, it’s a shortage of candidates for business-critical roles, regardless of whether it’s a specialized surgeon or a manual laborer.

In others, it’s a challenge to find candidates with the motivation and work ethic to do the work that needs done.

Over and over the news has pointed out the lack of candidates and the difficulty in hiring for employers across a wide range of roles and positions. From retiring Baby Boomers to changing work ethic to the rise of

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