3 Tips for Building an Interview Training Program in BrightHire

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First impressions matter, especially when it comes to interviews. But how confident are you that your interviewers are leaving a great first impression with candidates?

If you’re unsure, all hope isn’t lost. This is the perfect opportunity to equip your interviewers with the skills they need to provide the very best candidate experience with an interview training program.

Interview training helps interviewers learn how to ask great questions, pick up on candidate signals, and provide helpful feedback. With an interview intelligence platform like BrightHire, creating an effective program that uses real moments from your interview recordings only takes a few clicks. 

Read on for 3 tips to help you build an interview training program in BrightHire.

Why use BrightHire for interview training?

A successful interview training program isn’t a static PowerPoint deck created years ago to help your company avoid legal troubles. The best training is a living, on-demand program that is easy to build and update. 

With BrightHire, you can incorporate key moments from your real interviews into the training sessions, so participants can learn from your very best interviewers.

Here’s how an interview training program in BrightHire stacks up against a traditional training program without BrightHire:

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