3 Ways to Save Time on Administrative HR Tasks

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HR leaders spend an average of 40 percent of their time on administrative, manual HR tasks, such as answering phone calls and emails, and re-entering data from one system to another. The more time HR team members spend on administrative tasks, the less time they have to focus on strategic work to keep employees engaged and help the company grow. 

Your team can reduce time spent on manual tasks by partnering with an integrated recruitment, hiring and onboarding platform. Below, we’ve outlined a few ways tapping into the right technology can help your streamline day-to-day responsibilities and instead dedicate time to what matters most – your people.

1. Automate key hiring steps 

Employees are any organization’s top differentiator, so it’s critical to follow an effective hiring process and only extend offers to the most qualified candidates. But certain steps in the hiring process can be time consuming – such as reviewing every applicant received and playing phone tag with candidates’ contacts for references. By partnering an integrated hiring platform, you can easily automate many hiring steps – saving time without sacrificing candidate quality. 

One way to jump start the hiring process is by leveraging prescreen surveys to speed up

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