4 reasons HR fails to get approval for the tools they need

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Few things are more deflating than being denied resources you know you need. This is true in all lines of work, but especially if you’re in the Human Resources or People Operations field, where your daily mission is about bettering people’s work lives.

You identify a need, you research tools that can address that need, and you pitch one of those tools, painting a picture of its many benefits… only to be told: “Nope.”


It can happen for any number of reasons, at any organization. But no matter the justification, you feel like you missed an opportunity.

So what can you do about it? As an HR professional, often, your best defense is a good offense. That is, if you can anticipate the reasons you might have your proposals denied, you can more readily provide insights that dispel misconceptions. In doing so, you might open some people’s minds, and open doors to helping other people throughout the business.

Here are four common reasons HR leaders get denied—as well as some quick tips for how to avoid being overtly shot down:

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