5 trends in HR to guide your global strategy in 2023


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Today’s businesses look to HR leaders to pilot through the unprecedented combination of an approaching global recession, low unemployment, and a serious skills shortage in the international talent market.

Forrester’s Predictions 2023: Future of Work report advises company leaders to “steer a steady course and avoid reactive moves in response to the headline of the moment.” While the knee-jerk reaction may be to start laying off people to rein in spending, the continuing talent shortage begs some more strategic thinking before taking any drastic measures. 

For the modern HR professional, all of this is just business as usual. As 2023 approaches and promises another year of uncharted territory, these five HR trends can serve as a compass as you build an agile, multi-national, and people-centric business strategy designed to help you stay ahead of the curve.

1. Focus on change management

Over the last three years, overnight changes in market climate have forced companies to pivot quickly, overhaul business roadmaps, and reshuffle priorities.

With so much change, it’s natural for people to lose confidence in their job security. According to recent research, 60 percent of professionals ranked job stability as one of their top reasons for sticking with their

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