5 uplifting quotes about gratitude and growth

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The holiday season is a time of many moods. Whether you’re shopping for gifts, spending time with loved ones, or simply reflecting on the past year, you’re bound to experience a gamut of emotions between now and year-end.

One of the biggest themes of the season is gratitude. Here at PI, we’ve often asked ourselves: “What does it mean, exactly, to be thankful at work?”

Years back, we gathered 50 sentiments from employees around gratitude. In 2018, we completed the sentence, “I’m grateful for _____ at work.” In 2019, we asked employees what they were thankful for. When COVID hit in 2020, we explored what gratitude looks like virtually.

Fast forward to 2022, and the landscape around gratitude continues to shift. For many people, particularly minority groups, it can be challenging to find gratitude in a world where kindness and compassion feel elusive.

As workplaces push for environments that are inclusive, safe, and fair, showing gratitude no longer feels sufficient within today’s conversation. More than ever, it’s important to pair that gratitude with continued growth—and commitment to action.

To inspire that action, here are five noteworthy quotes about gratitude and growth. You’ll likely recognize these names!


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