5 ways ChatGPT hurts HR – and 3 ways it helps

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a major trend in the world of work, with professionals in many industries buzzing about tools like ChatGPT. However, the increasing popularity of AI also raises an important question: to what extent can, or will, bots like ChatGPT replace human workers?

Many HR professionals are understandably nervous about these changes, wondering how AI might impact their jobs. To get to the bottom of it, the team at JobSage tried an experiment to see how well ChatGPT would do with management. We prompted the chatbot with 15 sensitive management scenarios, then had professionals in law, HR, and management rate the responses.

Needless to say, our experiment confirmed that ChatGPT can’t replace a human manager – 40% of its responses earned a failure rating, while 60% were in the acceptable range. Still, in addition to these shortcomings, we did reveal ways that AI could potentially help.

We’ll break down our findings for you, including both how ChatGPT can’t replace HR professionals outright, as well as how it can provide support in your day-to-day management tasks. Let’s dive in!

5 ways ChatGPT can’t replace HR pros

Although ChatGPT is designed to be somewhat emotionally aware and appreciative of the

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