8 Reasons That Candidate Relationship Management Has Failed to Solve Talent-Acquisition Problems

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CRM isn’t a new concept. Historically, the “C” has represented the customer, but in talent acquisition, the “C” is for candidates. Candidate Relationship Management has held the promise of streamlining the sourcing and engagement processes and shrinking the time to hire. If that promise had held up, then the relationship would be managed so well and the pipeline would be so warm that as soon as a job opened up, at a click of a button, voila, there’d be a qualified candidate.

However, legacy CRMs aren’t producing the results as promised.

Eight reasons why CRM has not been completely effective for recruiters:

Lack of personalization. Companies send one-size-fits-all content to prospects, and the prospects aren’t interested. Jody Ordioni is the CEO of Brandemix, which was named by Ongig as one of the top 20 recruitment ad agencies. She says “I believe that the answer is in the ‘R’ in CRM. We are looking to build relationships, and relationships imply a depth of knowledge about the C. In most cases there is a lack of understanding a customer’s needs and hence, no tailored marketing strategy in play on how to demonstrate one’s ability to meet them.”

Instead, companies could send

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