A Groundbreaking New Way to Reduce Bias in Hiring: The Interview Equity Suite

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Hiring doesn’t happen in a vacuum – every single decision you make directly impacts business outcomes. 

Like most talent leaders, you probably have a good grasp on what’s happening at the top of your recruiting funnel. But what about what’s taking place during interviews, the heart of your hiring process? 

For years, interviews have been a black box rife with opportunities for bias. There’s never been a way to get visibility into your interviews to build a truly equitable hiring process – until now. 

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of our Interview Equity Suite, a powerful new way to spot and reduce bias where it matters most. The suite is an all-in-one platform for driving transformative change and achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) hiring goals. 

At the heart of the Interview Equity Suite lies Equity Insights, a view unlike ever before into your hiring process. With Equity Insights, you can finally get a real understanding of how equitable your interview process is, unlocking a critical missing piece to achieve DEI goals.

​​“BrightHire allows us to drive forward our DEI commitments with a new level of insight into our hiring process that’s never been possible before.”


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