A New Way to Build Passive Talent Pools

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New this month for Eightfold customers attracting passive talent: the ability to use AI to build a community of talent around a certain skill or role, such as inside sales, growth marketing, foodservice, or Java, even without a specific job opening. 

Let’s say you wanted to build a pool of future salespeople. First, you’d “calibrate” the job, listing the skills required to be a successful salesperson in your organization. The Eightfold platform would add people who match those skills to the pool. They could be past applicants, externally sourced prospects, current employees, ex-employees, employee referrals, and contingent workers. And using Chrome extensions, you can add passive candidates you come across who match what you’re looking for.

All About Capability and Potential

These talent communities will come together using Eightfold’s global metadata set — with more than 1.5 billion talent profiles, one million job titles, and 1.4 million unique skills — paired with deep-learning patented AI technology that matches people based on their potential. 

That means that concepts like adjacent skills (if you know A and B, you have the potential to learn C quickly) are now available to sourcers and passive talent pools.

So, a company could build a community

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