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According to Zippia.com, There are over 863,953 office workers currently employed in the United States. Working in an office everyday is an experience that people may not always prefer, but I have found that there is something that can change this perspective.

Company Culture and Values

In the words of management and leadership guru, Peter Drucker – and a quote often used by our CEO – “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” During my summer internship here, Appcast has proven to me time and time again how true that is and the important role their company values play in that. Each employee is valued and treated with respect, no matter what position – yes, even me, a summer intern!

I’ve learned that it’s not about focusing so much on the place where you work but focusing on the people and how you are treated as an individual. Our environment and the people we surround ourselves with are the things that truly shape us. 

Many companies have certain values and may even proclaim them with inspirational posters on the wall, but how many actually can say they stick to them and live them? During my first day I was introduced to

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