A TA Leader’s Framework for Recruiter Training & Coaching

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It’s no secret that today’s recruiting environment is slowing down. When you open LinkedIn, there are a lot of posts from those recently laid off or from companies announcing they have to freeze hiring. And when TA teams are downsized, it becomes more important than ever to allow remaining recruiters to become agile and productive with fewer resources. In many cases, that means they need to learn new skills they didn’t have before.

So, now more than ever, great recruiters with multiple skills and talents are invaluable for businesses looking to hire and retain top talent for the long haul. The key to doing that? Finding the balance between hiring new recruiters with needed skills, if possible, and upleveling your existing recruiters with new skills and responsibilities.

More often than not, upleveling your team is much more impactful than hiring externally—whether you’re promoting internally, cross-training, providing career advancement to high performers, or even giving one skilled team member the space and time to teach their colleagues new recruitment methods. Providing new opportunities for recruiters to grow in their careers helps them with the agility and efficiency needed in slimmer hiring situations, too.

“As recruiting leaders, we probably all know

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