AI-Powered Software Unlocks the Potential of Candidates in Applicant Tracking Systems

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Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have become essential in human resources tech stacks. Companies have been able to build more efficient and effective talent acquisition processes by capitalizing on the capabilities of these systems.

But ATS tools fall short in some areas. There are gaps in their capabilities that leave holes in a company’s tech stack.

That’s where AI-powered software comes in. AI-powered technology enhances the capabilities of ATS systems such as Workday, so companies can build more complete tech stacks that meet their HR needs.

AI Identifies Quality Candidates With Improved Searches

One of the limitations of an ATS is its focus on simple keyword searches when screening candidates.

These systems are usually designed to allow HR to set minimum thresholds via simple keyword searches for certain qualifications such as skills, education, and experience. But they may overlook the most qualified candidates who didn’t use those particular keywords in their applications or resumes.

AI-based software is built to overcome this shortcoming by analyzing multiple data points to find the best candidates for a position. The algorithms in these tools are capable of seeing the bigger picture and seeking out applicants with the potential to succeed in a role, including candidates

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