Are Hiring Teams Struggling to Communicate With Their Tech Systems?


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The future of work is here. Or, at least the current version of the future is here. The past two years have shown that some version of work from home and hybrid work is here to stay. Companies and employees have adopted new technologies and adapted to doing the same work differently. But not just differently, quickly, more efficiently – individual productivity is up.

But are we working smarter? We threw a bunch of technology and software at the problems without considering the impact to our processes. Did we make things easier or just give ourselves more work to do/different work to do?

The basis of our recruiting challenges roots in the core technology we use. For many organizations, the ATS is the guiding light of technology. Bringing the team with it along for the ride of all the positives and all of the negatives that come with a big, structured database.

And there’s nothing flexible about that.

The problem that you’re focused on is bigger than what you have built. And for years, you’ve been told that this is the best it gets. We have all succumbed to the false narrative that recruiter and candidate experience

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