Are Recruiting Technologies Delivering on Promise and Potential?


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JobSync and Talent Board partnered to uncover the relationships that hiring teams have with their technology integrations. Which parts of their tech stack make their lives easier? What keeps teams from adopting new technologies? Where should investments be made to improve both the candidate and recruiter experience?

,Leah Daniels, CCO of JobSync sat down with ,Kevin Grossman, President of the Talent Board to discuss the findings. ,Watch the full replay here and be sure to ,get your free copy of the research study here.

Hiring is finally at the forefront of an organization’s priorities and companies have started to realize the investment that needs to be made for their hiring teams to be successful.

“Hiring is no longer something that is just buried in the organization.” – Leah Daniels

According to ,Aptitude Research 73% of companies are investing more in their recruiting technology. What they are not doing though, is hiring more recruiters. They are throwing more technology at the problem or they are having junior level or non-recruiters help with the processes. And, that continues to slow things down. The big question then becomes, “what is the point of investing in new technologies if you are not

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