Artificial Intelligence: A Conversation With Rabih Zbib

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Like Birkin bags for the rich and famous, everyone wants AI. From chatbots to autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. In the strategic HR market, the applications of AI in technology are still somewhat new, but demand keeps getting higher. Companies and vendors work every day to better understand how AI will affect their strategies and how it can be used to boost them as well as help out their clients.

During a recent conversation, our resident expert in everything AI, Rabih Zbib, spoke about this new world that is emerging and what it brings to everything we do here at Avature.

With a Masters in Science and PhD from MIT, Rabih is the Director of Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning at Avature. He works on applying these branches of artificial intelligence to solve challenges in talent acquisition and talent management. Of course, we wanted to rack his brains to understand a bit more about AI.

So what are the most critical elements we need to talk about when it comes to AI strategies?

Setting the Right Expectations in Your AI-powered Strategy

One of the main issues when it comes to AI is how to

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