Ashutosh Garg: AI Isn’t Magic, But It’s Needed

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“AI and machine learning aren’t magic,” Eightfold CEO and Co-founder Ashutosh Garg told a Geneva-based conference last week. But, he said, they’re necessary now for companies to hire quickly in a world where skill needs are changing fast and there’s a near-frenzy to recruit and retain.

Garg spoke at a “Future of Work and Artificial Intelligence” event with, among others, Professor Peter Cappelli from Wharton, and Dr. Janine Berg of the International Labor Organization. The online event was put on by Geneva Macro Labs.

Garg said at the “Future of Work” event that skills needs are changing quickly. He gave the example of data-science skills, something companies in every industry are actively seeking. “Data science is hot,” Garg says. “Everyone is hiring for it. But there are only so many data scientists out there. There are, however, a lot of math majors. Phenomenal candidates. AI can help identify and see which of these math majors can adapt to science roles.”

AI can be used to help plan for the next several years, and identify the skills you need in your workforce, Garg told the Geneva event. For example, AI can show you the extent to which your needs for COBOL

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