Automated Talent Management: 5 Myths About Artificial Intelligence and HR

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Myths, fears, and unfair expectations still persist in discussions about artificial intelligence and automated talent management. It is a technology that is transforming many aspects of business, but it is neither a panacea for nor a threat to those business operations.

Below, we will explore five of the most common myths surrounding artificial intelligence and its applications in HR.

Myth: AI Will Replace Recruiters

AI-based recruiting tools are very good at screening candidates for their strengths and at predicting someone’s chance for success in a given role. But such tools cannot replace the work a recruiter does.

“It goes without saying that recruitment is a people-first function,” writes Rebecca Skilbeck, the head of customer insights and market research at PageUp. “Candidates want to speak to a recruiter or hiring manager and form an authentic connection, which they won’t be able to get from interacting with a machine.”

What we see happening instead is AI working hand-in-hand with recruiters to find candidates more efficiently and more effectively. AI’s role in recruitment will be to speed up the manual aspects of that work. 

That frees recruiters to invest more energies in relationship-building.

Myth: AI Recruitment Tools = Chatbots

Yes, AI-powered

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