#AvatureUpfront US 2022 – Top Trends and Takeaways

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After two years of digital conferences, we finally got to meet again in person and the excitement was palpable. HR leaders shared inspiring stories of how their organizations are tackling today’s talent challenges with Avature and attendees tuned in to engaging sessions with our onsite experts. The notable buzz during coffee breaks, lunch and evening soirees highlighted the best this conference offers: the animated Avature community sharing valuable ideas and experiences.

In case you couldn’t attend, here are the highlights.

The True Power of Data ROI

Long-time Avature advocates, the team at Epic, the leading medical records software company in the US, opened the conference with a powerful masterclass on ROI. Through a compelling superhero vignette packed with impressive numbers, Epic explained its transition from struggling to consistently meet hiring goals to a talent powerhouse that drives significant business value. Since going live with Avature, its small team has conducted 28,230 final interviews and hired 14,741 candidates from 24 countries.

The team shared practical tips during their presentation to help other attendees optimize ROI, including:

Rethink your processes and make the most of workflows: Replacing a heavily manual and paper-based sourcing process with a much more efficient way of

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