Balance remote with in-person for a more productive workforce

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According to a recent Forbes study, eight in 10 executives say they now prefer in-person meetings to virtual ones. This can hardly come as a surprise — after all, the transition to remote work was so sudden and exponential that a backlash was inevitable.

In the wake of 2020’s global lockdown, studies showed that 56% of global companies allowed hybrid remote schedules, and 16% allowed their workforce to be entirely remote. Furthermore, this trend did not lose ground when the lockdown lifted. In 2020, 48% of remote workers employed video conferences for meetings. By 2022, the number had risen to 77%.

As executives for a company with an over 99% virtual workforce, we have become accustomed to the convenience of video conferencing and are quick to promote the flexibility and freedom of remote work. Still, as time goes on, we can see room for improvement.

Remote work retains much of its initial allure for employees, but many are finding that it comes at a cost. We have developed efficient lines of communication, but even after three years, the remote workplace culture still presents challenges when it comes to team-building and fostering connections.

The benefit of face-to-face interaction

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