Bank Validation in Payment Information Portlet in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

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Certainly this is not a new topic but I have observed that information related to this topic is available in bits and pieces. Therefore, I would like to bring all that information together, add some important points on top of that which can become handy while configuring Bank validations or troubleshooting payment information.

Payment information in EC is a self service portlet so there is high probability that employee may end up updating incorrect information. The bank details should be updated in compliance with country requirements. One important attribute of payment information is Routing number and customers want to make sure that it is correct.

SAP has given few Deep validations. One relevant for us here is Bank Account Validations (Company System and Logo Settings -> Enable Bank Account validations).

The validations are pre-delivered content for all countries supported by SAP. This can be downloaded from SAP help and imported in your system like any other data. Go to ‘Import and Export Data’ and Import this file by selecting the object ‘Country specific validations..’

These validations can also be customized for every country (Manage Data -> Country specific validations). Though is not suggested to change these validations because SAP has

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