Become a better leader by developing these 18 essential traits

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The post-COVID labor landscape is constantly shifting. Every day, roughly 10,000 people are reaching retirement age, helping to usher in a generational shift in the workforce. Meanwhile, remote and hybrid work have become the norms in many industries, transforming the role of the long-sacred office. And then there’s the question of how technology like AI will shake up different industries — both for better and for worse.

Despite all this change, one constant is the importance of effective leadership. In fact, with so many aspects of work now in flux, the difference a good leader can make may be greater than ever. With nearly three-quarters of Gen Zers now thinking about calling it quits, reevaluating how you lead your employees may even help keep your team — or organization — intact.

So let’s take a closer look at the importance of good leadership, as well as what goes into becoming a more effective boss.

Why businesses need good leadership

Good leadership is about more than just keeping workers happy or boosting team morale (although both of these are significant). It also plays a crucial role in increasing and maintaining high levels of productivity, shaping company culture, and helping the

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