Become your CEO’s Most Valuable Partner: Evolving AI adoption and upskilling practices

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It’s no longer a matter of whether your employees are using AI at work. They are. Instead, the question has become: How are they leveraging AI? 

HR professionals who have a reskilling plan look a lot more enlightened than those who view AI as a threat. Think about how navigating and implementing AI can complement your existing professional development pathways, or other HR initiatives. 

Acknowledging AI’s role in your business evolution is just the beginning. Bringing forward options for implementation is a much more pragmatic approach. It starts with simple education: a basic understanding of the tools at your employees’ disposal, their most common applications, and their potential risks. 

People will always remain at the heart of your business – your most important asset and the lifeblood of your organizational culture – but you can enhance their productivity by leaning into certain generative AI. And in doing so, you can free them up to become better people leaders. 

Developing the next wave of managers is often about enhancing transparency and accountability, and giving people the tools they need to lead every day.

Give managers the tools they need to drive performance

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