Building a Career as a Modern HR Operator

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I’ve interviewed hundreds of modern HR practitioners over the years. They all have unique approaches and perspectives, but also share some common views and thinking on what’s led them to success. I wanted to distill those traits and couple them with my own career learnings to leave you with some tangible advice on building a great career in HR, people operations, talent, recruiting, or whatever discipline you choose to pursue:

Build your network thoughtfully: When a company hires you, they’re actually hiring the skills and knowledge you possess in your head – as well as the networked knowledge you have the ability to tap into to solve their problems. Be deliberate with your network. Cultivate it like you would tend a garden. Make it a point to add value and help your connections whenever you can. Build where you know you have gaps. That collective intellect will pay dividends throughout your career Prioritize (and schedule) learning: The field of HR and people operations is only going to increase in complexity. Internal factors, external factors, generational factors, economic and global factors, technology and so on – the variables are endless. Most HR roles are under-resourced and overburdened. That’s just the

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