Building a Great Candidate Experience in Hospitality

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At your hotel, you’re used to putting a great deal of thought into your guest experience, because it’s essential to your business operations. But if you’re not putting the same emphasis on your candidate experience, you’re missing out on top talent — the true foundation of success in the hospitality space because having enough skilled people on staff can make all the difference when it comes to driving long-term customer loyalty and ultimately revenue.

The candidate experience is more than just an easy application process. It’s about the overall effectiveness of your hiring process — everything from how you communicate and continue to keep candidates engaged to how you portray your company online and in-person. Sufficient to say perfecting your candidate experience can be a lot of work. So why is it necessary for your hotel? 

The recent talent shortage continues to make attracting new talent increasingly difficult. It’s not only been tough to get folks to apply to your open roles, but to get talent to show up for interviews has proved challenging as of late for businesses across the country. Employment in leisure and hospitality is down by 2.2 million from its level in February 2020, and while a

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