Combine Global Talent Data With Internal Skills to Make Talent Decisions

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We’re launching a Job Intelligence Engine today, which uses AI to help you define roles in your company.

It continually self-learns, taking your own company’s data as well as external market data to help you make better talent decisions.

The Jobs Intelligence Engine will help CHROs and others view the skills of their existing workforce, and understand the training and hiring needs required to keep pace with industry evolution.

Here’s what you can expect if you adopt the Job Intelligence Engine:

Faster time to hire. It will reduce the time it takes to define the requirements of each role, and write job descriptions.

Improved manager-recruiter communication. The Jobs Intelligence Engine will help get recruiters and managers on the same page, reducing the number of “do you really need this to do the job?” conversations.

More consistency. You will establish a consistent standard for hiring, internal mobility, talent development, and promotions for every role.

Succession management. You’ll know who is ready to move a role, should it open up.

Provide clarity for employees. The Job Intelligence Engine enables transparency in internal career opportunities and consistency in talent decisions across the organization. In other words, employees will have a much better sense

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