Coming Soon: Inbox, a New Way to Centralize Candidate Communication

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In a tight hiring market, it’s important to do everything you can to get the right applicants in the door. But in order to convert top applicants into employees, you need to ensure that those folks receive a top-notch candidate experience. You want to keep the hiring process moving quickly and ensure that no critical information or tasks fall through the cracks. If top candidates are left waiting or they feel the process has been disjointed, they’ll move onto other opportunities.

That’s why we’re excited to announce inbox — a new feature designed to serve as mission control for hiring managers within the Hireology platform. Inbox keeps all communication in one place, centralizing everything you need to complete critical tasks quickly, respond to candidates in a timely manner, and provide the seamless hiring experience that today’s top job seekers expect.

You’ll see an envelope in the top right-hand corner within the platform which will display all of your new notifications, alerting you of new emails or text messages from candidates. Clicking on a message takes you to the part of the platform where you can take action. Once you’ve reviewed or finished the task, you can mark the notification as

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