Configure SAP SuccessFactors solution Single Sign-On with SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication & MS Azure OpenID Connect

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SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication can use an OpenID Connect identity provider as an external authenticating authority. SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication acts as a proxy to delegate authentication to the external corporate identity provider. The requests for authentication sent by the relying party will be forwarded to the corporate identity provider.

Note: Currently only Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is supported as OpenID Connect corporate identity provider.

To use SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication as a proxy to delegate authentication to an external OpenID Connect corporate identity provider, it is required to configure trust with that corporate identity provider.



Authentication Scenario



1)  SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication is enabled for SAP SuccessFactors solution Check SAP blog to enable SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication through Upgrade Center

2) Get below information from customer:

Client ID Tenant ID Secret Tenant Issuer

3) You can retrieve the information by calling the discovery endpoint of the corporate identity provider:

Put above URL in browser and retrieve Issuer as below

4) Configure the callback endpoint of the SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication tenant as Redirect URI

https://<IAS tenant_id>

How-to configure OpenID Connect Corporate

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