COVID-19 vaccine policy in the workplace: Best practices

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DISCLAIMER: While we are sharing insights from legal experts on this topic, Workable is not a legal authority and this is not to be taken as formal legal advice. For clarity on legal processes, please consult a lawyer.

First, let’s look at social opinion. A CNBC survey released on Dec. 18, 2020, found that 57% of Americans feel that vaccinations should be made mandatory in the workplace. Look at the opposite, and you can read that 43% of Americans don’t think it should be required.

Another survey, released by Sykes, found a similar result:

In that same survey from Sykes, half (50.7%) of respondents who plan to get vaccinated said they know someone who doesn’t plan to get the vaccine.

Since the workplace can be a natural extension of society, this can pose a challenge for employers who need to make a decision on a COVID-19 vaccine policy. So how can employers go about it in the right way – whether it’s best practices, legal compliance, or both?

COVID-19 vaccine policy in the workplace

We reached out for insights in the business and legal communities to find out, and we’re sharing seven high-level

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