Data security and compliance: How we deliver a safe and secure HR platform


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Your HRIS is crucial for managing the people in your organization, giving you valuable people analytics, salary information, company financials, and more that help you understand your workforce and make strategic decisions for your people. With all this sensitive data, your HR platform must be well protected to keep it safe, secure, and safeguarded from malicious activity.

Data security has become a widespread concern in recent years, and governments worldwide have enacted laws directed at protecting personal data. The most well-known, and currently the world’s strictest privacy and security law, is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which became part of EU law in May 2018 and heavily penalizes companies that violate its directives.

At HiBob, we take these laws about data security seriously. We uphold the highest information security and privacy standards for our HR platform, Bob, as part of our commitment to providing an exceptional user experience for over 3,000 customers. From safeguarding personal data to ensuring secure integrations with third parties, we’re dedicated to keeping your data safe and secure. Read on to discover more about how we prioritize data security for our customers worldwide.

Complying with the highest security standards from the ground up


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