Digital Transformation = Talent Transformation

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Digital Business Transformation is the key focus for 2021 following a tumultuous year. As the COVID-19 pandemic upended the way work was done, and consumers shifted how they interacted with their favorite brands, a spotlight was shown on the human capability to quickly learn, and adapt to new situations. For many of us, this meant working from home, Zoom calls (or classrooms), as well as the need to alter our assumptions about our jobs, and how we did them.

Talent Management and Digital Transformation Are Directly Linked

In order to create, transform, and progress business, you need the right talent to do it. According to Gartner “through 2023, inadequate talent management will cause 60 percent of digital transformation failures.” This is a powerful statistic because every business that is thinking about its future may not have the ability to achieve that vision. Instead, projects and programs will fail, or the vision will be sacrificed to fit with the capabilities of the organization.

This is why so many digitally-native companies are quickly eroding legacy organizations’ market cap in rapid time. Stripe has reached a valuation of nearly $100 billion in 10 years’ time because of its vision and ability to execute

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