Diversity of Thought or Implicit Bias – Roundtable Wrap Up


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When you take on taboo topics, led by the incredible Hung Lee of Recruiting BrainFood, you get a conversation rooted in dissension, anxiety, and charged topics – but you know it’s going to be good. Add in open mics and cameras on and it’s enough to cause anxiety in even the coolest marketer.

Taking a step back, how do you hire and successfully retain employees in an environment where: your company may have visibly or invisibly charged positions and you can’t do/say/decide on certain things or even ask certain things? Yet to successfully hire and retain you need everything to be out on the table.

Should companies’ politics impact hiring decisions?

Is it better to declare a ‘no politics zone’ or state how your business leans on certain topics? Can you even make this decision or in this Twitter world, has the transparency already been declared and the decision is actually to amplify the company’s position or tamp it down?

Any way that you come at this incredibly complex issue – it all comes down to culture, which in turn means transparency, neither of which is achieved overnight and neither of which is rooted in finality but always a

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