Empowering through accountability: Building strong HR-manager relationships


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Accountability at work is a cornerstone of building trust and productive cross-departmental teams. But as author Pete Lowe says in an HRD Connect article, genuine accountability can only happen “in the context of a culture that supports trust and genuine teamwork.”

Acing workplace accountability relies on people working together, supporting each other, and building clearly defined personal and team responsibilities and goals to which all individuals and teams are held accountable

In the case of aligning HR and line managers, it’s critical that both parties support each other in their programs. In fact, your employee satisfaction and engagement depend on it—and by close association, the health and success of your business as a whole.

In this article, we’ll discuss what accountability at work is and how to frame an accountability strategy that strengthens the relationship between the HR team and managers across your organization.

What is workplace accountability?

Workplace accountability is a commitment by team members to be responsible for their actions, performance, behavior, and decisions. It’s about making sure your team and their leaders consider and own everything they do. 

But what does this concept look like in practice? 

Picture your workplace. But instead of your normal way

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