Enrich Your Solr Search Engine with Taxonomy 3.0

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Solr is a wonderful innovation of technology when it comes to keyword-based search.


But is your Solr offering limited search results?

Searching for ‘Java Developer’ may give you 30 relevant candidates in results.

But aren’t you missing on the quality resumes that do not carry this keyword?

Yes, you are.


If this is a point of concern for you, you are reading the right article that has the right solution for you.

If Solr tries to offer a better search, there are many challenges. It needs to undergo a lot of training and has a long development cycle for configuration and training.

What if a simple solution can enhance the search results of Solr?

I am talking about RChilli Taxonomy 3.0.


RChilli has recently introduced Taxonomy 3.0 to enrich the Solr search engine. 

It is a comprehensive library of skills and jobs alias that helps in identifying a candidate’s expertise. Instead of focusing on one keyword, it offers multiple keywords to get quality results. Our Search & Match engine uses these keywords to offer relevant matches for resumes/jobs.


Let me explain this by taking an example:

Job Profile: Java Developer

Taxonomy offers alias: application developer java, back

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