Future of Hiring in the Post-COVID World: 2021

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Have you ever noticed that each pandemic changed the course of the world?

➤ The plague resulted in the fall of the Roman empire and the emergence of feudalism.

➤ Black death in Europe started a new era of renaissance.

➤ Spanish flu made the world develop a new health protocol.

➤ COVID-19 also led the world to go under complete lockdown. Work from home, school from home, new workplace norms, social distancing. These are the new concepts that took control of our life without our choice.

2020 was a life-changing year for us. We all learned new normals, new skills, and new beliefs. And as vaccines are rolling out globally, we all are getting ready for recovery.

If we talk about recruitment, we have already started witnessing changes in this industry. While hiring is increasing in the healthcare sector, there has been a continuous decline in hiring in the travel, hospitality, retail, automobile, and aviation sector.

Before we discuss the future of hiring post-COVID, let’s check on the number of tech startup employees laid off since the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide from 2020 to 2021.

According to a report, tech companies are still laying off their employees in Jan’21,

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