Global Study: Organizational Agility Is Crucial During Global Pandemic

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The beginning of 2020 was full of advice on what to expect in the year ahead, but even the experts got this one wrong. In fact, rather than looking ahead, we’ve all been forced to look within. The second installment of our global survey, “Organizational Agility At Scale: The Key to Driving Digital Growth,” found that business leaders the world over have been forced to take a hard look at what they’re doing right, and what needs improving inside their own organizations to drive digital growth.

Conducted from late June through early August of 2020 with 1,024 senior business executives (C-suite or their direct reports), the research found most agree that to do nothing to accelerate digital growth is no longer an option. And agile organizations—those with the capabilities to react quickly and effectively to opportunities—have never been as strongly positioned to benefit. 

In fact, the biggest change from the 2019 survey is that growth from digital revenue—using digital technology to do anything from sell more T-shirts to host another company’s business in the cloud—is more critical than ever. Over one-third of firms now expect 75% or more of their revenue to come from digital efforts in three years’ time. Consider

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