Google for Jobs vs Indeed: Could Indeed Put Google for Jobs… Out of a Job?

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Job boards have long been the online go-to for job seekers.

Indeed, arguably the number one job search platform in the world, has successfully established itself as a one-stop-shop for job seekers. They’re likely to show up first in organic search results for basically any job search. With over 250 million unique visitors on their site each month, they are undoubtedly the market leader.

As we know, though, Google has been steadily introducing features in its search engine results pages (that extend beyond “traditional” organic search results) for years. Think: Related Questions or Google My Business. 

In 2017, this became worrisome for Indeed. Google launched a new feature — Google for Jobs (GFJ) — in its SERPs and began a push to revolutionize the online job search process.

Virtually overnight, platforms like Indeed and CareerBuilder lost a significant amount of organic traffic. Google took over the top spot in search, collating job posts across (almost) all job boards into the GFJ widget that syncs with users’ search intent.

Note, “almost” all job boards. Indeed does not post its jobs in GFJ. And because Indeed doesn’t integrate

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