Handling Complex Org Structures in SuccessFactors (Replicating from SAP HCM)

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Complex Org Structure for integration with SAP HCM

While talking to customers, Specifically the ones migrating from HCM to SuccessFactors it has been a constant challenge to replicate their current org structure(OU – OU) to the Cloud counterpart (BU-DIV-DEPT)  framework where there is no constant across any layer and the bottom most org unit could be on any org layer as shown in the image below


Org Structure from SAP HCM

The Star in the above picture represents the bottom most layer of each structure. Employees could be assigned on any layer 

SuccessFactors offers a standard 3 layer org structure excluding Legal Entity as a standard offering which are categorized as Business Unit, Division and Department. In cases wherever all three 3 layers fits in for all combination of org layers it’s a win-win for everyone.

SuccessFactors Org Structure

Now, In SAP HCM, the above concept does not exist. It’s a 1 to 1 Mapping between org units which form a larger org structure and employees could be assigned on any of the org layers since positions can only be assigned to only one Org unit. Through these Org units other Org attributes like Manager/HOD and

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