Hire Great People with Limited or No Budget – Part 1: Where to Start the Recruiting Process


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This is part 1 of a three part series on how to build great teams with little to no budget.

In May we had yet another fabulous roundtable host. ,Carrie Darney joined us to talk about how to attract candidates when you don’t have a big budget, a big brand, and big perks (and even if you do, these are tips that will always help you get the right candidates). So as always, everyone had their cameras and mics on and we jumped right into the discussion: working with what you have to attract the best candidates.

It might be day 1 as a recruiter at a new job or it might be year 10 – the most important foundational pieces you have at your disposal are easy:

Your Story – Why did you join? What makes you excited about this company, team, culture, mission, values, whatever it was that made you excited to say yes? Your Business’s Story – What are you working on? What problems are you solving? What technologies are you using? What interesting and different things is the business doing? Your Culture – Not ping pong tables and free popcorn, but how you view your people.

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