How Adding AI to Workday Improves Talent Management (part 3 of 3, Employee Experience)

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You’ve read about the improvements to workforce planning by adding AI to a Workday HR system. And, last week, talent development. Now, let’s look how companies are improving the talent experience by augmenting Workday with artificial intelligence.

It boils down to four things.

Employee profiles. Employees create profiles from scratch, and rarely keep them current. Our AI, on the other hand, generates rich, self-updating profiles for every employee. It ingests data from Workday, and uses global data and AI to constantly enrich profiles. This ensures that the profiles are up-to-date representations of skills and potential. The platform suggests likely skills an employee may have and want to add to their profile, and adds new skills as they’re acquired. Employees have a comprehensive profile to showcase their skills. Managers, mentors, and project leaders get a complete view of an employee’s potential, even if they’re in a different department or location.

Career pathing. Career-pathing recommendations are often linear and static, reflecting just what’s commonly done. They don’t reflect people’s own career goals, and are very manual. Instead, with the combination of AI and Workday, employees map out their potential paths. Eightfold matches each individual to every potential opportunity within the organization, based

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