How AI-Based Technology Can Help Human Resources Scale

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AI-based technology is projected to have a significant impact on the processes and capabilities of human resources departments over the next few years. One particular benefit HR professionals are anticipating is scalability. In a recent survey we learned that nearly 50 percent of HR practitioners expect the efficiencies facilitated by AI will allow them to scale in their organizations. By reducing turnover, streamlining recruiting, and automating tasks, AI will enable HR teams to play more strategic roles in helping their organizations scale and realize corporate goals.

AI Enables Companies to Reduce Turnover

One of the areas in which AI is poised to have the greatest impact is employee turnover. A high rate of employee turnover is a costly problem not only for the organization as a whole, but for HR teams who have to continuously dedicate time and resources to filling job positions.

This is a timely issue. Many employees that stayed in jobs throughout the Covid-19 crisis for security and stability are increasingly comfortable considering new prospects. As talent senses more opportunity for growth and mobility in the marketplace, HR should anticipate turnover. AI can help.

AI enables companies to reduce turnover because it allows them to predict employee

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