How Can Startups Master International Employment Laws With Deel?

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The most efficient way for a startup to expand globally is to build a local presence in multiple countries worldwide. However, complex international employment laws can complicate global hiring, deterring entrepreneurs from exploring more lucrative and talent-rich markets.   

Fortunately, thanks to innovative hiring methods, founders no longer have to navigate the maze of international labor laws alone. Instead, they can become a master of global hiring with Deel. This article shows you in three steps.

Step one: Generate localized contracts using Deel’s contract workflow

The first and arguably most crucial step of mastering international employment laws is creating the new hires’ employment contract, a legal requirement in many countries. 

Creating an employment contract helps to lay out the terms and conditions of employment and can be used as a guide to ensure that the company treats its employees in alignment with local employment laws. 

Creating employment contracts from scratch can be time-consuming, particularly when hiring employees from multiple countries. Startups can do their own country-specific research to include all the necessary employment requirements or use a template. 

The disadvantage of templates is that you must ensure you’re using the latest versions and that they’re constantly updated and

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