How Has The Pandemic Changed The Role of Human Resources?

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There isn’t a business function that hasn’t been significantly impacted by the pandemic-induced changes companies have been forced to make to stay operational. One function that has seen an especially dramatic shift in purpose and processes is human resources. 

The overall role of HR and the daily tasks performed by HR professionals have gone through significant shifts, particularly because of the exponential growth of remote work in response to the COVID pandemic.

Not only have human resources professionals had to guide their companies and employees through the transition to a more digital and distributed work environment, but they have also had to learn how to be productive and successful in their own roles when working from home. Both have required HR professionals to learn new skills to complete tasks they weren’t necessarily prepared to confront. 

“During this colossal shift to the digital workplace, the role of HR has changed,” write Philippe Gomes and Marine Fournier of digital workplace solutions provider Powell Software. “HR has had to redesign and reimagine the way it works within the workplace.” 

HR as a Business Function Had Changed

According to a survey by ADP Canada, 43 percent of HR professionals believe the role of HR

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