How I interview engineers to assess ability to deliver impact

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Up until recently, I have personally been responsible for running all of our Deep-dive Interviews in our Product Engineer interview loop at Metaview. Our deep-dive focuses on the candidate’s ability to deliver impact. So we let the candidate choose the topic. All we care about in this interview is how they think about impact, and how capable they are at achieving it (relative to tenure). The objective of the interview is to find out as much as we can about the impact they are most proud of in their professional life, and what role they played in making that impact occur.

This post will demonstrate how we meet this objective through our “proven ability to deliver impact” interview that all engineering candidates face as part of their interview process at Metaview.

It’s an in-depth article, because understanding the “why” behind the approach will help you make it your own. But if you want the headlines, check out this 1-page guide.

Interview preparation [pre-interview]

Deep-dives are not (and shouldn’t be) heavily scripted interviews. The interviewer needs to be able to adapt to what they’re hearing in order to truly “go deep”. So preparing for the interview is all about getting in the right mental state:

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