How is RChilli Resume Parser a Game Changer in Salesforce Ecosystem?

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Is recruitment all about hiring any random applicant to fill the position, or is it about picking that one right person who would be a good fit for the company? Well, the second option, without a doubt. But, how many times are you able to realize this? Hardly. This is where a well-integrated tool like Salesforce makes the recruitment process strategically streamlined.

What Is Salesforce and How Does It Help The Recruitment Industry? 

An “All-Inclusive Productive Tool,” as it’s fondly called, it caters to numerous segments of the recruitment industry. By facilitating the recruiters to segregate the prospects into segments, starting with the most eligible ones at the top tier to those who add up in the queue or the maybe list, everything gets highly systematic. Adding to this is the impeccable coordination between the recruitment panel and the HR department. 

 When integrated with resume parser, the Salesforce ecosystem pre-built tools simplify and further enhance the quality of candidate search. But are all resume parsers the same? Underlined are the few features that you might find in almost every parser:

It’s a pocket-friendly and resource saver solution to the candidate hiring procedure.The candidate screening process is comparatively faster

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