How recruiters can use Interview Intelligence to better partner with hiring managers

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Although one of the most crucial parts of the hiring process, interviews are typically a black box. Hiring teams can align on skills to test and questions to ask, but there’s little insight into what actually goes on when interviewers and candidates get into a room together, be it in-person or virtually. And debriefs and scorecards can only reveal so much. All of this poses challenges for hiring managers trying to make informed, fair decisions about who should join their team.

Interview Intelligence is the best way to break through this opaque process. With the ability to record, transcribe, and analyze interviews, hiring managers can gain deeper insight into these signal-rich conversations and leverage the data to make sure an interview process is consistent, fair, fast, and most importantly—high quality.

When it comes to late-stage interviews—the ones where you are assessing candidates’ technical chops or digging into the details of how they demonstrated impact in previous roles—Interview Intelligence is especially powerful. This is where critical insights emerge on candidate and interview quality and where technology can most effectively complement the human aspect of hiring.

But hiring managers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from pulling back the curtain on later rounds of

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