How the Right Software Can Address the Most Pressing Hiring Challenges

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The COVID-19 pandemic intensified a number of challenges already facing hiring managers and human resources professionals. Talent shortages, high turnover, and the need for more diverse, inclusive teams were key concerns before the pandemic began, and they continue to pose obstacles for companies in every industry.

At the root of all these challenges lies a need to fight a number of biases, focused not only on factors like race or neurodivergence but also on longstanding assumptions about the hiring process itself. By integrating curiosity about candidate skills with the use of AI-based technology to deepen insights, companies can begin to break free of outdated views and build a workforce equipped to tackle the challenges of the coming years.  

Different Issues, Common Root

On the surface, the biggest issues facing employers today seem to be largely separate from one another. A lack of qualified candidates seems to have little in common with a company’s inability to retain its top talent, for example, and both may seem to have little or nothing to do with the company’s interest or commitment to diversifying the perspectives its teams bring to the table.

Beneath the surface, however, these seemingly disparate problems share at least one

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