How to build an interviewer training process that raises the bar

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Most of us have a memory of a bad job interview experience — and you only need to check Glassdoor to find scores of candidate reviews echoing the same. Some candidates report being talked over. Some report confusing questions or unfair evaluations. Some report that the interviewer was late or never showed up at all.

And then, there are the great interviews. The ones that feel more like a challenging, interesting conversation with a group of people who are passionate about what they do. Where expectations and questions are clear, and evaluation feels structured and standardized. As Angela Miller, Head of Recruiting at Instabase, puts it:

“We want our candidates to feel like they just got in a room with a whiteboard to solve an interesting problem with someone that they respect."

So what turns a poor interview into a great one?

Interviewer training. When your interviewers are well-trained, they’re better able to identify, evaluate, and entice your best candidates to join your organization. But when they’re not, you’re more likely to make a mis-hire, or miss out on a candidate entirely.

Interviewer training is an essential part of building a great team, but many organizations struggle to build a repeatable process that scales alongside

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